Specializing in Insurance and Bonds for Environmental and Fire Water Restoration Contractors

The Team

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Dana Kuber, Manager: DKuber@bisa-inc.com

Olga Garza: OGarza@bisa-inc.com

Pauline Perlongo: PPerlongo@bisa-inc.com

Commercial Automobile

Pam Perry: PPerry@bisa-inc.com


Michael Friedrich, Manager: MikeF@bisa-inc.com

Maria Gonzalez: MGonzalez@bisa-inc.com

Customer Service

Peggy King: PKing@bisa-inc.com

Karen O'Connell: KOconnell@bisa-inc.com

Mary Ann O'Connell: MOconnell@bisa-inc.com

General & Pollution Liability

Dennis Konieczny, Program Manager: DKonieczny@bisa-inc.com

Anne Barber: ABarber@bisa-inc.com

Helen Henry: HHenry@bisa-inc.com

Workers Compensation

Linda Burch: LBurch@bisa-inc.com

Corporate Officers

William A. Ballay, President: WBallay@bisa-inc.com

Alan R. Crane, Vice-President: ACrane@bisa-inc.com


Brent Konieczny: BrentK@bisa-inc.com